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Our Production Scales

Targeting High Impact Oil Production and Exploration.



Hydrocarbon Production Growth...


93,750 barrels

Of Refined Crude Oil Per Day...


4.6 Million Tons

Jet Fuel Sales in 2022...


12.5 Million Tons

Total Sales in Diesel and Gasoline Products...


446 Thousand Tons

of Marine Fuel Sales in 2022...


611 Thousand Tons

Of Bitumen Sold in 2022...



Of Experience

About Company

Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

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KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO is an oil group of companies with its shareholders being China National Petroleum Corporation and KazMunayGaz National Company. Our operations include geological exploration, field development, oil and gas production, purchasing, marketing and transportation, and also refining and selling crude oil and oil products.

KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO is unique due to the fact that it is first oil refinery in Kazakhstan private but not a state-run, independent of Vertical Integrated Oil Companies, commercial, constructed from the scratch oil refinery connected to the oil trunk pipeline (total capacity equals to 7.5 MTPA) and product trunk pipeline (total capacity equals to 2.3 MTPA) which capacity equals 7.5 MTPA, the quality of diesel complies with Euro-5 standard and in 2016 the processing depth has grown up to 96%. In 2018 the quality of gasolines complied with Euro-5 standard.

& Reliability

& Reliability

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High Quality

High Quality

Simple easy to distinguish in a free hours when our power all of your choice.



Simple easy to distinguish in a free hours when our power all of your choice.



Simple easy to distinguish in a free hours when our power all of your choice.

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Business Gallery

Our Business Model

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Aviation Fuel

Our aviation fuel gives high performance to piston-engine aircraft.

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Liquefied Natural Gas

Natural gas that are environment-friendly

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The upstream division of the company is responsible for our activities in oil and gas exploration.

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Oil Refining

In ancient times people have extracted crude oil from the surface of earth and water, which was fairly in use after the 19th century, kerosene safety lamp was invented and the need for oil skyrocketed.

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Quality Control

The lab is responsible for handling and monitoring of product quality.

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Production Catalog

We refine products in accordance with international standards.

How it’s Work

Standard Working Process

  • Oil Production

    KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO oil and gas condensate production increased 250 fold since the company’s launch

  • Ecological Safety

    KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO pioneered the use of a gas-cycling process, reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere

  • Social Responsibility

    The company is focused on advancing the social climate in the northern areas as well as ensuring social enhancement culture

What we do

Our Main Activities

Oil Production

At KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO, we increasingly producing petroleum products as part of our promising projects that help maintain its stability.

Refine Oil and Gas

The company refine are crucial in the process of producing different types of oil and gas products, including heating oil and gasoline with quality facilities machinery.

Gas Production

We also operate in the gas production sector and pay special attention to the implementation of projects aimed at the utilization of associated petroleum gas (APG).

Oil and Gas Research

KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO carries out geological researching with the aim of expanding resource base activities for consistent supply of products.

Unique Attributes

Why Choose Us?

why join

Today, KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO is a modern, open, dynamic company heavily investing in the construction of new and upgrading of existing facilities and planning a diversified development of the production base in central Kazakhstan to improve the efficiency of natural resources utilization and increase the production of petroleum products meeting the highest quality standards by implementing the most cutting edge deep conversion processes.

Best In Crude Oil Refining

The operational structure of KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO in Turkestan region and in Shymkent with our exceptional expertise in the field of blending, compounding, and mixing allows us to realize a wide range of products for our customers and also in crude oil refining.

Holds a 50% Share

KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO also holds a 50% share in two joint ventures operating in the South Turgai oil basin. Our pipelines ship gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel fuel from the refinery to local distribution facilities. Crude oil is collected from field gathering systems consisting of pipelines that move oil from the wellhead to storage tanks and treatment facilities where the oil is measured and tested.

Professional Certification

KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO’s business represents a continuous process chain ranging from exploration and production of oil to its processing into top-quality oil products and a developed marketing and transportation system.


+51 (0) 888 455 369

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