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KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO is the largest firm in the northeast of Kazakhstan for oil refining and product production, and one of the Republic’s three oil refineries. The refinery began operations in 2021 with the goal of processing oil raw materials from West Siberian oil reserves. The company has a total capacity of 6.0 million tons of crude oil per year. KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO manufactures a diverse range of oil products. Among them are various brands of motor gasoline, diesel fuel, oil fuel (mazout), hydrocarbon liquefied gases, vacuum gas oil, technical sulfur, bitumen of various grades (construction, road, roofing), and petroleum coke.

The refinery’s structure includes a Complex of Crude Oil Primary Distillation (LK-6U), Complex of Compounding and Oil Product Dispatch, Complex of Crude Oil Advanced Processing (a fuel complex – KT-1 for deep processing of fuel oil), and Complex of Heavy Oil Residue Processing, which includes several process units such as: Delayed Coking Unit, Coke Calcination Unit, Bitumen Production Unit, Sulfur Recovery Unit, and Sulfur Granulation Unit. There are two major auxiliary units at the refinery: the Hydrogen Production Unit and the Oil Sludge Processing Unit, as well as a massive water supply and sewerage system and the Central Refinery Laboratory (CRL).



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Project upgrades

As a result of the upgrading project, two new complexes of process units were built and commissioned at the Refinery in December 2022: the Isomerization and Naphtha Splitter unit and the Complex of Sulfur Recovery Units. The 12 new U&O facilities have been created to support the normal functioning of newly constructed and brought into service units. Also, existing production capacities were revamped: Crude Oil Primary Distillation Complex, Crude Oil Advanced Processing Complex, and Delayed Coking Unit. All of these procedures ensured the manufacturing of K-4 motor fuels: diesel and RON-92, 95 gasoline in conformity with the Technical Rules of the Customs Union TR CU 013/2021.

The company has well-developed Utilities & Offsite facilities, including commodities and raw feed tank farms, liquefied gas tank farms, and loading and unloading racks for oil product delivery by rail and road. The refinery has an active social policy; the required conditions for labor, life, and health of employees are developed. The priority for Qazaq Refinery today is to ensure the production of motor fuels corresponding to the ecological classes K4, K5, in the amount required for the country’s needs, to increase the refinery’s technical resources, its output for a three-year inter-repair cycle, and to produce international standard Jet A jet fuel, which is new for the refinery

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