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Labour Protection

Qazaq Refinery places a high priority on staff safety. The mainstay of labor protection is preventive and technical measures required for safe work performance. Occupational safety prevention is carried out in accordance with the “Occupational Health and Safety Management System” (OHSMS).


The main functions of the System are:

  • definition of a uniform system for preparing and carrying out decisions on organizational, technical, sanitary, and preventive actions aimed at guaranteeing safe and healthy working conditions
  • planning of works on Occupational Safety and Health;
  • accounting, analysis and evaluation of the Occupational Safety and Health state.

The main tasks of the System are:

  • control over compliance with the Republic of Kazakhstan Labour legislation by employees with regard to Occupational Safety and Health;
  • certification of workplaces on working conditions with development of an action plan related to the improvement and enhancement of working conditions;
  • training of employees on safe methods of work and the promotion of Occupational Safety and Health;
  • production equipment safety ensuring;
  • production processes safety ensuring;
  • normalization of sanitary and hygienic labour conditions;
  • provision of employees with personal protective equipment;
  • ensuring of optimal schedule of work and rest for workers;
  • sanitary and domestic service of workers;
  • occupational selection of workers by profession.

The Refinery Management agreed to implement the “5S” System in 2022. The “5S” System is a technique of organizing the working environment that aims to produce optimal conditions for operations performance, order maintenance, cleanliness, accuracy, and time and energy savings. Nowadays, the “5S” system operates efficiently at the refinery and considerably simplifies workplace inspections.In 2022, Qazaq Refinery received a “Certificate of Trust” as part of a pilot project on the participation of enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan in voluntary declarations of activities on observance of labor rights of workers, and the Refinery will be exempt from labor inspections to comply with labor legislation for two years, as well as the enterprise is included in the Registry of employers who guaranteed respect for workers’ rights.

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