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Corperate Governance

KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO understands the value of good corporate governance in the company’s growth. As a result, as part of its role, the Board supports high corporate governance standards. We require clearly defined roles and duties, non-executive independence, boardroom and workplace diversity, an open and transparent culture, and the work of our committees in applying the Company’s values and policies throughout the KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO to get this right for our stakeholders. Non-executive directors must not just work in the boardroom, but also have a solid understanding of the company and its relationships with major stakeholders.” As a result, they should seize opportunities to interact with shareholders, key customers, and employees at all levels of the firm

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Our Board vigorously challenges strategy to ensure that every decision we make is of the highest quality.



Our Board of Directors regularly evaluates the directors' skills, expertise, knowledge, and independence.


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The KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO places a high value on corporate governance. Good collaboration between management and the control and audit authorities is essential for respecting and furthering the interests of all shareholders and instilling confidence in the KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO. conforms to Kazakhstan’s Code of Corporate Governance, which seeks to build a transparent and responsible management and control system that delivers long-term value. In 2022, the corporate structure was changed to that of a holding company. The management holding enables a flat, straightforward, and visible management structure. Because of speedier decision-making methods and increased accountability, we can focus on client needs and market demands.

Business Ethics

KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO has strong performance and ethical requirements. The reputation of KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO and our workers is decided by activities that adhere to the KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO Business Values of honesty, integrity, and respect for individuals both inside and outside the firm. The KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO Code of Conduct, developed on the basis of the Business Principles, describes the standards and norms of behavior that KAZPROM PETROLEUM, TOO employees must follow. These are fundamental rules that explain to employees how to apply the Business Principles: honesty, integrity, and respect, as well as compliance with laws and regulations. The Code of Conduct addresses topics such as fighting corruption, national and international trade, health, safety, security, and the environment, and protecting information and communications.

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