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irSakha provides a full range of services dedicated to commercial aviation, business aviation, and private aviation, such as technical inspections, pre-refueling operations, de-fueling, plane refueling, and anti-icing additives quality testing. AirSakha is known for its high-quality aviation fuels and strict handling procedures. Our staff safely and efficiently refuel aircraft across selected airports in the territory of the Kazakhstan federation.

Aircraft refuelling

Gazpromneft-Bitumen Kazakhstan LLP uses AirSakha to provide aircraft fuel supply services at Kazakhstann airports under direct contracts with commercial and private airlines and also sells jet fuel in bulk to other enterprises. The company also provides laboratory quality control services on a contractual basis.


TS-1 is the main jet fuel grade available in Kazakhstan and the Commonwealth of Independent States. It is supplied against the GOST 10227 specification..


Fuel System Icing Inhibitor – FSII is used by an Air craft which has no fuel heater. An air craft without fuel heater requires an anti icing agent.


We advise non-scheduled commercial and private airliners to notify us 48 hours in advance to request a fuel release.

On the territory of the Kazakhstann Federation AirSakha provides aviation fuel that meets the strict requirements of the Technical Regulation of Customs Union “On requirements for automotive and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuel, jet engine fuel and fuel oil” TR TS 013/2011 and GOST 10227-86 with subsequent amendments.